Necessary Supplies for Decanting Perfume

Necessary Supplies for Decanting Perfume

Whether you’re new or an old hand at decanting, there are decanting supplies and accessories that everyone should readily have at hand. I like to get a bit creative with my bottles and bottle shapes while still keeping the shapes beautiful and classic. After all, perfumes do come in gorgeous bottles from the manufacturer! I think that’s a good part of the beauty and allure after all. So to me, when a 1/4 Oz atomizer looks like the bottles that Jean Patou used to fill with Joy Parfum, I’m all for it!

Now, you may be surprised that I promote open mouthed bottles more than roll-ons or atomizer bottles. There’s a few very good reasons for that. With Roll-on bottles, there is always a bit of juice that will remain on the top of the applicator. This precious perfume may very possibly evaporate, no matter how tightly closed the bottle is. Also, it’s plastic, and can absorb some of the material. If you don’t use the roll-on for a long time, it get’s very sticky and can even get stuck. Running it under hot water will usually un-stick it, or leaving it in alcochol will do the same, but who wants to introduce a foreign liquid into the perfume composition?

As far as atomizers go: The way I look at it… I’m a bit spoiled.. if possible, I like to get the highest concentration of a perfume whenever possible.. this means perfume or extrait, if it’s affordable.. Just a little bit is necessary, applied to the right spots, neck, temples, below my ears, between my breasts, behind my knees. And even if I’m applying Eau de Parfum or Cologne, if it’s a spray, I don’t know of one bottle where the spray stream is thin enough that there isn’t overspray when I spray my wrists, my knees or possibly behind my ears… That’s wasting precious, expensive perfume! To me that’s just sinful… so…

Lucien Lelong Orage Parfum

Lucien Lelong Orage Parfum

My favorite supplies are the following:

Small Glass Sample Vials in one or two sizes: These are easy to find. Many sites sell them. You should be aware, however that what many sites call a 1ml Vial, is in fact a .7ml vial and will only contain .7ml of perfume when filled.

Small Glass Bottles with Plastic Screw on Caps: These too are quite easy to find, and they come in many shapes and sizes. I recommend you choose at least 2-3 of the following:
2ml, 1 dram (3.7ml or .125 Oz), 2 dram(.25 Oz), 5 ml or 10 ml sizes..
of course, there are others in between!

Larger Glass Bottles with Screw on Caps:
10ml = 1/3 Oz
15ml = 1/2 Oz
30ml – 1 Oz

Glass Mini Atomizers
2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml

Glass Roll On Bottles
2ml 3ml 5ml

In my Next Post, I’ll Cover the Devices for Extracting the Juice from the Original Bottles

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Where to Purchase Vintage Perfume Decants and Samples

Where to Purchase Vintage Perfume Decants and Samples
Vintage Perfume Decants -Vintage Chanel Eau de Toilette

Vintage Perfume Decants -Vintage Chanel Eau de Toilette

Finding Vintage Perfume Decants

The following is a list of Websites where you can find quality Vintage Perfume Decants and Samples. Each of these websites supplies authentic vintage perfume samples and decants. Many of the sites gives some historical information on the perfumes they sell and give the notes and accords associated with each fragrance. Each is knowledgeable in their field and you will be quite happy with whatever you receive if you should order from them. Several of these sites also offers decanting supplies.

ChiChiPerfumes at

The following list are Websites who sell supplies and accessories for decanting, you’ll find that many of these supplies will become necessary to make your own perfume decants:

The following list are Blogs about Perfumes, Decanting, and other Quite interesting Topics Related to Perfume: – COMING SOON – I’ve been told!

Information on Vintage Perfume Decants

You can find great information on vintage perfume decants and sampling at each of the websites listed above. You can easily purchase authentic decants of many wonderful perfumes at these sites. You will learn quite a lot by reading what the composition and notes that created each perfume are, as you smell your perfume samples. You should slowly begin to recognize many of the accords and actual notes so that you will become aware of which notes are your favorites. This will help to guide you in your future purchases of samples. As you increase your perfume wardrobe, you’ll also learn which notes and accords are your favorites. Then you’ll decide which are for day wear, night wear, and for sensual nights, or even for seductive purposes.

Perfumes are classified into families, or classifications. When you purchase vintage perfume decants, and sample perfumes of more recent, mass marketed fragrances, they will all have differences and similarities. You might learn to distinguish between natural and synthetic accords. Be aware that in the vintage perfume decants you purchase, most of the composition will be natural essences, accords and oils. There’s so much to learn and love about perfume! So much to smell, and you can only try so few on each day. Once you go to far, your sense’s going into overload!

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